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the way i wish to die

Posted Monday 05 April 2021 Written by ethan

please share the way you wish to die when time comes

Remembering Sherry Gilles

Posted Sunday 14 March 2021 Written by Jools

We were so sad to hear about the death of our friend and long-standing Death Cafe supporter, Sherry Gilles, on 1st March 2021. 

After taking over Death Cafe following the death of Jon Underwood in 2017, Sherry was one of the first Death Cafe hosts that got in touch, and ...

Benefits of an online death café

Posted Monday 08 February 2021 Written by MallorcaDeathCafe

At the online Death Café held recently, we were 14 curious souls who gathered from the comfort of our homes to share reflections, experiences, thoughts and more.  The majority of attendees have attended many a Death Café in the past and those who live in Mallorca would have attended in ...

Newbie and other info

Posted Saturday 30 January 2021 Written by ElLoco

Just joined, looking forward to information, interaction, and a peaceful death.  I use humor incessantly; you have been warned.

Have a website dedicated to a similar subject where you cannot post, but can read, at .

Thanks for letting me join, I think.

"El Loco"


Michael McCaffery


Posted Sunday 24 January 2021 Written by Sugarbat



I wanted to be dead by forty. 

Instead, here I am

alive and breathing

silently seething,

dead inside alive


I wanted to be dead by thirty.

A wish that could've been granted

instead I ran.

Alive and battered,

shorn and shattered

A darker shadow than before. 


I wanted ...

To Jonnathan

Posted Sunday 01 November 2020 Written by kishmish

Hi, it's been over 2 years since you took your life. I have known you for long, shit I've known you forever Jay. I have lived in this gory town with you for so long that every swing and store here reminds me of the memories we shared ...

Death Cafe - 9 Today!

Posted Friday 25 September 2020 Written by Jools

*click the link below to watch the video

It's Death Cafe's 9th birthday today... Twelve months ago I could never have imagined there would be such huge changes in the way we operate. As Death Cafe enters its 9th year we are now regularly holding discussions about death ...


Posted Friday 14 August 2020 Written by Canyousee

I wish to die young.

#1 of 3 All the stars are in the sky

Posted Thursday 14 May 2020 Written by

This spring I cared for my mum in the last days of her illness. I wrote several times during that period as a way to comfort myself. Here is the first of three blogs taken from some of that material. 


I have only ...

Death wellies and tea!

Posted Thursday 30 April 2020 Written by griefwellies“Grief has no rules, sometimes you’ve got to just put on your welly’s and stomp through the mud, day by day”

Since setting up Grief wellies 7 years ago I have been dabbling with the idea of running a “Death ...

the heart of all action

Posted Friday 24 April 2020 Written by ASP

is death.

been dead, been around it awhile.

death- not a blog post

but the most awkward embarassing personal thing to happen to me. 

sometimes people dying just want to be alone to die. not when family's around.

when people left her room for a minute andrea decided to ...

She knew She Was Dying

Posted Thursday 23 April 2020 Written by flyfree

Hi, Some years back now my mom died in her cottage attached to our house separated by an indoor patio. It was early morning before sun up and I was still half asleep. My husband who always got up early was watching tv and he could see the door to ...

Death Cafe and Covid-19

Posted Tuesday 24 March 2020 Written by Jools

Hello to all our Death Cafe hosts, both new and those who have been with us for a long time. 

We have never in our lifetimes had to contend with such unprecedented changes to our lifestyle, and threats to our health and wellbeing. Never has there been such a need ...

Vida detrás de la Muerte

Posted Monday 02 March 2020 Written by CarmenGloria

Son muchas las veces que vemos algo y nuestra percepcion selectiva nos oculta muchos detalles que tienen gran relevancia y que a simple vista no observamoc... Aqui vemos un cementerio, pero cuantos vieron las hermosas flores y las juguetonas abejitas que estan a su alrededor... A esto le llamo OBSERVACION ...

A note from Jools - Death Cafe reaches 10,000 events

Posted Saturday 18 January 2020 Written by Jools

Hi all,

I am delighted to share with you that January 2020 has seen us reach 10,000 events in 69 countries (and that's just those that have been listed on our website!)!!

When my brother Jon Underwood, the founder of Death Cafe, held the first Death Cafe in ...

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