Electric Cooktops

Cutting-edge Electric Cooktops that Enhance Your Meal Prep

Put the joy and ease back into cooking with our range of cutting-edge electric cooktops. Choose from up to 19 heat settings or use precision temperature control to set your burner to the exact degree you want. You can even synchronize multiple elements to create one cooking surface for large pans, griddles, and trays.

Enjoy effortless cleaning thanks to the luxuriously smooth glass surface, ensuring your kitchen is spotless and ready to impress. Wow guests with perfectly prepared meals using video-guided recipes and smart pans that adjust burner temperatures as you go. Powered by Bluetooth, these high-end electric stovetops are built for effortless decadence.

Electric Stovetops that Elevate Your Kitchen

Choose from a range of 30-inch electric cooktops and 36-inch electric cooktops to find the size and finish that bring your kitchen together. For a suave and modern style that works with a range of colors and designs, try a black electric cooktop. Or, for a timeless finish that literally shines, take a look at the stainless steel electric stovetop.

Sleek, simple, yet superbly elegant, all of our electric cooktops offer a versatile aesthetic you can match or contrast with major appliances like wall ovens and wine and beverage centers as well as countertop appliances like espresso machines and toasters. And, with custom hardware finishes available across a range of appliances, you can curate your dream kitchen in style.

Luxurious Cooking with Café Appliances’ High-end Electric Cooktops

Explore our range of electric cooktops today to find the best fit for your kitchen. You can also find a range of induction cooktops and gas cooktops. Alternatively, if you’d like to explore and compare all cooktop configurations side-by-side, take a look at our entire cooktop collection.