Our Last Goodbye

Posted by Clare-Marie

Come close, sit down beside me, reach out and take my hand our time together is nearly done

The moments I have left I now want to savour surrounded by you my loved ones that have made my life complete 

I hear weeping as someone strokes my hair, tears fall and rest on my face soothing my frail delicate skin.

Is it yours, mine or a combination of both united in the moment the journey of grief begins for us all

Please do not fear my dying as I feel no pain or anger just acceptance for a life well lived.

Your gentle voices comforts me as I start to drift away to a world of no more pain and suffering

I too would cry with you all but I know my journey is soon to end so I will save my strength for our last moments which I will cherish

Talk softly in to my ear of the memories we have shared and the love we have for one another since our time began

The first Summer you will smell my perfume in the fragrance of the flowers that bloom and give you memories of happier times

The first Autumn, you will see me in the colour of the leaves that turn to a golden hue that will brighten dull skies

The first winter you will feel my gentle touch in the snow flake that falls to the ground and my warmth amongst the logs burning on the fire 

The first spring you will see me in the sign of hope as the smallest shoots of new life seeps through the ground, you my loves have survived my dying


Clare-Marie Keel