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How can I register my appliance?
You can easily register your Café appliances online. You will also have the option to create an account, which allows you to view your registered products, completed service call history, parts ordered, and SmartOrder subscriptions.

Where can I find my model and serial number?
Each Café appliance has a rating plate that contains the model number, serial number, and specific electrical data and rating. To find that rating plate, you can look in your Owner’s Manual or find more information on model numbers here. Note: Café appliance model numbers always begin with a letter.

How can I tell the age of my product?
Café appliance manufacturing dates are coded into the serial number (not the model number) of each appliance. Serial numbers can be found on the ratings plate of the appliance and begin with two letters followed by six numbers. To use your serial number to determine the age of your appliance, check the chart on this manufacture date page or contact Café customer support.

What is the warranty on my product?
Café appliance warranties begin at the date of purchase. Find out more about our warranties. Learn more about warranty coverage and extended service plans.

Buying Café Appliances

Where can I buy Café Appliances?
Buying from CafeAppliances.com is currently available in select areas. Café appliances are sold nationwide at many retail stores. To find a location near you, use our find a store tool.

Do you offer promotions or special offers?
Occasionally, Café appliances offers special promotions and rebates. See our current offers.

How can I get help with a rebate?
You can claim or track a rebate from the rebate portal. If you need further help with a rebate, call 360 Incentives at 1-888-336-5073 or send them an email.

Product Support

How can I schedule service?
You can easily schedule service for your Café appliance online by visiting this service page. If you need further help, you can speak with a service representative by calling 1-800-432-2737.

Getting Started with Your Product

Where can I find my owner’s manual?
All new Café appliances are shipped with a printed Quick Guide. If you would like a full owner’s manual, you can download or print a copy from our website. Search for your appliance’s owner’s manual by model number.

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