Professional Discounts

Extra Love for those who serve: Military, Medical Providers, Teachers, and Government Employees

You Deserve a Stylish Place to Land

We believe your home should be a reflection of you – and we are honored to partner with to offer you extra special savings to give you more choice and options to create your unique style in the kitchen. Verify membership for exclusive discounts for first responders, government employees, nurses, teachers, medical providers and members of the military.
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To receive your discount with Café appliances, verify your membership through our partner, via a simple, one-time verification process.

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After verification, you’ll be taken to the Bodewell Store where you’ll receive exclusive pricing on appliances throughout our House of Brands.

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Your discount on appliances will be applied to your cart automatically after you select an appliance for purchase.

Healthcare Professionals

As healthcare workers, you put in tireless hours caring for members of your communities. To recognize you for all the care and comfort you provide, we offer nursing discounts, medical assistant discounts, discounts for doctors, and discounts for healthcare workers on Café appliances.


Children are our future and for those who educate them, Café appliances offers a special discount for teachers. Deals for teachers are our way of giving back to those who serve their communities day in and day out by instructing our children throughout their school careers.

First Responders

As a special “thank you” to all first responders, Café appliances offers a first responder discount; it acts as a discount for those who put their lives on the line for their communities. We appreciate your selfless service.


To recognize our heroes who tirelessly work to keep us safe, we are proud to offer the Café military discount. This exclusive discount is dedicated to those who’ve served and continue to serve our communities and our country.


Who is eligible for a discount?

Members of our U.S. military, nurses, first responders, and others can be verified with a few pieces of information that show eligibility and can then sign up for the military discount program via

Are there exclusions to this discount?

This discount program currently is NOT applicable to our Monogram® brand appliances, but our other brands are eligible for this special discount.

Where can I use my discount?

After you’re verified and signed up with the Bodewell Store, your discount will be applied to appliances purchased through our private store site that are $99 or above.

How do I sign up for military discounts with Café Appliances?

After clicking the link to our Military Discount, you’ll be taken to a page with a link to verify your military status through, our trusted partner. Complete their simple verification process and you’ll then be taken to the Bodewell Store to shop online.

Do I need to verify my status every time I shop?

Verification through is a ONE-TIME process. After you’re verified, you’ll only need to sign-in to the Bodewell Store to shop and receive your exclusive discount.