Heading into Summer: White Kitchen Appliance Trends

People ask, “Are white appliances coming back?” We say, “they never left.” Café’s ever-popular Matte White appliances are always on trend. They go with so many kitchen designs and color schemes—from avant-garde to traditional, you’ll love how our Matte White appliances bring your kitchen together.  

two tone kitchen by Avalon Construction & Design

PHOTO: Avalon Construction & Design

In 2024: Bring on the Color

There’s always a place in our hearts for an all-white kitchen, but 2024 kitchen trends lean more into vivid color. Painted cabinets abound in jewel tones, dark dramatic colors, and even two tones. After years of being out of favor, wood cabinets are back, too, bringing warmth and a slightly more traditional look to your cooking space. As they say, there’s something for everyone.

If you already have Café Matte White appliances, you may wonder “What color cabinets go with white appliances?” The answer? Almost any color! You can let them take center stage among your colorful cabinets or try a subdued look with natural wood or an earth tone.

If it’s time to change up your cooking area, instead of a full renovation you may want to just change up the paint color on your cabinets and walls. And if you’re wondering how to make white appliances look good, go vivid with your color. Choose emerald green, deep berry, or cobalt blue on your cabinets to make them stand out. Against all that color, your white appliances will pop.

For a more traditional look, earthy colors like sage, olive, or terra cotta bring the serene outdoors inside. Our Matte White appliances also look stunning next to warm wood cabinetry. If you have exposed beams or a wood floor, try adding to the organic feel of your kitchen with wood cabinets or a wood island. All wood tones are acceptable from light to dark, but to keep it chic, go with a satin or matte finish on the wood as it looks more natural and subdued.

Matte White appliances in kitchen by Fleet Homes

PHOTO: Fleet Homes

Matte White Refrigerator in Kitchen by Betsy Sweeny

PHOTO: Betsy Sweeny

Café Matte White Appliances

If you’re planning a renovation, Café Matte White appliances go with most styles of kitchens. White appliances may seem traditional, but you can totally change the look of our Matte White ranges, refrigerators, and more by choosing new custom hardware. We offer handles and knobs in the following finishes:
•   Brushed Stainless
•   Brushed Bronze
•   Brushed Black
•   Brushed Copper
•   Flat Black
•   Brushed Brass

As you shop for new appliances, check out our sale to save on your purchase.

Don’t be afraid to experiment or try a new look for your kitchen. Styles come and go, but having a cooking space that excites you and feels comfortable every day goes a long way.